• Is now the right time to sell?

    Timing is essential if you want to achieve maximum value for your company, and often the best time to consider a sale, and begin to implement an exit strategy, is when you don’t necessarily have to.

    Whilst a tight time deadline or time pressure can accelerate the sale process, you may prefer to take a much more measured approach and listen to numerous offers.

    Currently, the UK M&A market is incredibly strong, and a number of social, economic and political factors have combined to create the ideal conditions for a company sale. Given the government’s recent commitment to Entrepreneur’s Relief, buyer activity is at an all-time high, with interest in UK companies coming from both UK and overseas trade, and private equity investors. The present market and high deal values we are witnessing all indicate that now is the ideal time to begin a company sale process, if you are looking to achieve maximum value.

  • How will you find me a buyer?

    Having completed thousands of company sales, across all major sectors, our unique research process has proven successful time and time again.

    Our client-focused approach means that our team will take the time to get to know your business, to create a thorough, personalised approach, which will showcase your company in the best possible light.

    Led by our experienced team of experts, custom-built software, personal networks, connections and extensive marketing we have a global reach and a database of potential acquirers which is constantly expanding. On entrusting KBS Corporate with the sale of your company, you will be assigned a team of M&A experts, who will implement our specialist process, having understood your requirements and objectives.

    97% of clients on the market with us receive multiple interested parties, which pays testament to our dedicated, thorough process.

  • Can I stay on in the business post sale?

    You set your own terms – if staying on in the business is appealing to you, we will ensure we implement a strategy that facilities this. Your interests really drive what we do, and our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your objectives are met.

    Often, when considering a company sale, people don’t realise how flexible the structure can be. A range of trade buyers, overseas investors and private equity houses will look for businesses which are built on hard work, determination and integrity, and will therefore understand that many shareholders, managers, and staff, wish to remain in the business post sale. If this is of interest to you, this can actually increase the value of your company as the time-commitment and risk is reduced, whilst your expertise and knowledge is retained.

    An exit strategy isn’t just for someone looking to ‘exit’, it is for those who want to instigate change, transformation or achieve a sense of security by taking money off the table whilst retaining equity in the business post sale.

  • Do I have to sell 100% of my shareholding?

    No. There are a range of deal structures available to you, and a company sale does not have to mean a full exit. We facilitate partial sales, and we can work with you to establish the best route of action for you and your company.

    At KBS Corporate we will always take the time to understand your thoughts and objectives, so that we can ensure we work to deliver and exceed your aims, whether that is a full or partial sale.

  • How successful are you?

    We are proud to have been successfully selling business for over 20 years. We continue to go from strength to strength, which is reflected in being named the UKs most active dealmaker for 3 years running. In 2018, we sold 35% more businesses than any other advisor, completing a significant number of high-value deals, across a wide variety of sectors. Over the past few years, we have seen the volume of company transactions increase by 40%, highlighting the surge in buyer activity across the UK.

    After 9 months of 2019, we have maintained our position as the most active advisor and are currently on track to deliver more completed transactions than in 2018.

    As a public limited company our financials and key performance indicators are available in the public domain, meaning we operate with complete transparency and are regulated by stock exchange rules, giving you peace of mind throughout the company sale.

    We continually add some of the most talented, experienced professionals to our team of corporate financiers, marketeers, researchers and negotiators, resulting in a 39% increase in the number of buyer meetings compared to 2018 figures, as well as a 39% increase number of offers received.

    We continue to push the boundaries within our industry and invest in people to deliver a personal service, backed by the power of big data and technology.

  • Do you target overseas buyers?

    We have completed deals with acquirers across the globe, and our unique network of international M&A advisors, extensive database of trade companies and direct relationships with overseas Private Equity houses, allows us to identity and work alongside potential buyers across the globe.

    Our research team has a strong international presence and are multi-lingual which allows us to target key continents across the world, which will ensure your company attracts the correct buyer and sees maximum value realised.

    At KBS Corporate we have the staff, resources and knowledge to target any area or location, and you can rest assured that if an overseas buyer a viable option for your business then we will leave no stone unturned.

  • Will private equity houses be interested in my business?

    Increasingly, we are seeing private equity houses acquiring a wide range of UK businesses, of varying sizes. We have recently completed deals with both UK and overseas private equity houses, who are sitting on record levels of investment funds.

    You may not have considered the possibility of a deal involving private equity, however for high growth companies, it can significantly increase the final deal value and provide a much better opportunity for future growth.

    Many businesses on the market with us receive interest from at least one private equity house, with some receiving several bids.

  • How is the M&A market currently performing?

    The M&A market has been particularly active throughout 2018, with trade buyers and private equity particularly active.

    At KBS Corporate, we are experiencing first-hand a growing sentiment amongst acquirers and Private Equity houses across the globe. This interest has translated into a 21% increase in the number of offers received for our clients in the first 9 months of the year compared to last, and an increase of more than 50% on the average deal values achieved.

    UK companies have become incredibly desirable to both UK and overseas buyers, meaning you can achieve a significantly higher value for your company. 

    The increase in M&A activity, coupled with Entrepreneurs Relief, makes the current market extremely buoyant and the perfect time to consider a company sale.

  • Will I have to tell my staff/customers about the sale?

    No, we understand that selling your company may not be something you want to keep private. Our staff are highly trained to be discreet and operate with confidentiality in mind at all time. Our biggest priority is protecting you and your business.

    Our team use some of the most advance technology, including data rooms, to ensure your data and information is handled carefully, to ensure the details of the company sale are kept private. We always establish the best, most secure way of contacting you, and we will never pass on any information to any of your staff or employees without permission.


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